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Our Services

LTL offers many services for individuals and organisations, alike. By delving deeper into the meanings of equity, inclusion and respect, we help create turn-key solutions through education and training.

Alongside in-person workshops, LTL also offers these services remotely, allowing learning to take place in virtually any location. This option includes guided activities and hand-over support to local members of staff. Get in touch to discover which combination of activities will best suit your organisation.

Student Workshops

Our workshops focus on empowering students with practical knowledge to explore their human rights, from historical roots to modern-day reality. But each lesson focuses on more than history. We focus on the importance of each person, and how, by understanding the rights we’re all entitled to, we can create a more just world. Each student walks away knowing that everybody has a voice.

Educator Workshops

The aim of our educator workshops to equip teachers with knowledge about the history of human rights and their relation to the social issues that impact students today. Teachers will receive information about specific rights in order to empower students and also address ways to approach sensitive topics in the classroom.

Business Workshops

For companies to reach financial and development goals today it takes much more than investment in products and services. It requires a greater consideration of the inclusive work environment they provide employees. Our Human Rights, Diversity, and Inclusion Training provides organisations with essential knowledge for equitable policies and practices.

Nuremberg Services

Visiting or local to Nuremberg? Interested in living history? Let’s explore the city together and discover human rights landmarks that still exist so that important lessons can be learned today. Appropriate for large or small groups, private tours or larger public assemblies, we offer unique educational perspectives on the past.

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