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Since 2022, LTL has conducted successful human rights workshops and teacher training for hundreds of participants in Germany and the United Kingdom.
Building on this success, we are exploring expanding our services to the global south, with the first of many pilot projects beginning this year.

Our Pilot Projects

Let Them Learn Atlanta

In November 2023, Let Them Learn and partner Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg ventured to Nuremberg's twin city, Atlanta, in order to delve into the realm of human rights. Amid the city's hustle and rich history as a catalyst to the civil rights movement, we cultivated a deep understanding of human rights among both student and educators, exploring the shared values that bind us as global citizens.


Let Them Learn Ghana

In August 2023, LTL visisted the cities of Accra and Takoradi to deliver Human Rights educational workshops, teacher training and meet with heads of educational departments to develop policy implementations at the national level. Click here to see the experience of our first pilot project in the global south.


Let Them Learn Pakistan

Coming soon

Image by Shiza Nazir

Let Them Learn Tanzania

Coming soon

Image by sofiya kozy
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