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Human Rights: An Introduction

Our modern-day human rights have unique roots and its imperative we that we lay the foundation for further study here. Whether its a stand-alone lesson or a module you're after, LTL offers this introductory lesson to every client. Our human rights path to empowerment is then tailor-made to fit your curriculum, starting with significant historical information and ending with present-day themes relevant today.

In order for students and teachers to delve deeper into topics covered within human rights, it often takes more than just one workshop. Since delivering various workshops over the last year in the UK and Germany, an increasing number of teachers have requested that modules be offered in lieu of one-off sessions. And I couldn’t agree more. Oftentimes, the conversation in a workshop is just beginning to scratch the surface of a sensitive topic students face. It has become clear that more time is required to unpack, evaluate and gain the skills to educate, empower and inspire each student to utilise their human rights correctly, creating a safe environment for all.

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